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Although we all know that budget and cost are important, the main reason it has been a pleasure to work with Susanne is her astute design sensibility and her wonderfully creative design work.

Hillarie Logan-Dechene
Adirondack Museum


Your ideas are the seeds. We know how to make them grow and blossom.

We have enjoyed collaborating with clients since 1996. What distinguishes APROPOS Design Solutions from other graphic design companies?

  • Excellent customer service and honest communication.
  • Superior design.
  • A love of helping people and businesses succeed.

Meet Susanne Murtha

In art school my passion was to create pieces that were unique and interesting. I still have that same passion but now it's equally important to me to help people and businesses thrive. Working on a project is like being a part of each company or department for a period of time. When they're successful in their mission, I feel gratified. The client feedback that I've received has made me realize that my service and support are appreciated, as much as my skills as a designer. Let me know how I can be an asset to you. Contact me at 401.885.0402 or by email. —Susanne

Our Mission

APROPOS Design Solutions is a graphic design firm dedicated to providing personal client service and creative concepts appropriate for each client's unique project.

APROPOS means "to the point or purpose, suitable." With a clear understanding of how to use typography and graphics to express a message, APROPOS Design Solutions creates solutions to design challenges by adhering to the concepts of the project. Clients know their business intimately and know their customers. Only by the collaborative efforts between APROPOS and clients can the most successful solutions come alive.

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