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Creative Design Solutions

Fort Ticonderoga

As the new Director of Marketing for Fort Ticonderoga, I wanted to help the museum create a new, more up-to-date look for all our advertising and designed publications. Revamping our literature was particularly important because the museum was about to embark on its first major Capital Campaign project and needed to boost its national exposure.

After going through a search for a designer, I chose Susanne Murtha. After five years I have never regretted my decision. Susanne has been instrumental in creating a professional design look for Fort Ticonderoga in our yearly advertising campaign and for special print publications such as our Annual Appeal and our Capital Campaign folder. She also has designed more complex pieces such as the large-scale banner for the groundbreaking of our new building and the photomontage tabletop display I take with me to group tour shows. She has experience in designing many types of pieces, so in each case the project flowed smoothly, quickly, and efficiently from start to finish — a real plus when you are working under deadline.

Working with Susanne is a dream. She listens to our needs and responds to them by producing a design that fits the image of Fort Ticonderoga. She works to make sure that each publication is integrated with the last so that over the years we now have a suite of publications that work well together and give the Fort a unified professional print appearance. This lets Fort staff go out on fundraising calls and present polished print pieces that project Fort Ticonderoga as a National Historic Landmark deserving of multi-million dollar donations. Her work also results in ads that draw thousands of visitors each year to our site. This makes her an invaluable part of our team at Fort Ticonderoga!

I think what I really like best about Susanne, however, is her personable and friendly work manner, as well as her incredible work ethic. I have come to trust her implicitly, knowing that whatever Susanne says she will do will be accomplished. I value this level of trust above all else in our professional relationship as it is a rare commodity in today’s world. I really can’t say it enough, but you won’t go wrong in hiring Susanne Murtha as a graphic designer for your next project. 

Lisa Simpson Lutts
Director of External Affairs and Marketing
Fort Ticonderoga

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CEC, Inc.

I met Susanne Murtha, principal of APROPOS Design Solutions, in 1997.

My graphic designer had moved to a different state, and I was interviewing new graphic designers for my boutique advertising agency. When I first interviewed Susanne, I was immediately drawn to her warmth, creative ideas, personality, and of course, portfolio. We jumped into our first project together. Susanne impressed me with her corporate identity solution for a financial services client. My client was thrilled as well, and I was sold on Susanne.

Since that first project, Susanne has worked with my agency on hundreds of projects and campaigns for several industries, including associations, finance and banking, health care, legal profession, computer, manufacturing, technical, retail and small business.

Together, we developed an advertising campaign for a non-profit association based in New York City. Susanne developed a corporate identity program, Web site design, informational/sales brochure, newsletter masthead, seminar brochure, and convention materials. Working with Susanne, we achieved results that were recognized nationally. 

It has been nine years since I first met Susanne, and our working relationship remains a pleasure. Susanne’s work is always fresh, creative, well thought out, within budget, on time, and an excellent value.

I wholeheartedly recommend Susanne Murtha of APROPOS Design Solutions for all your creative needs.

Deb Hollander
CEC, Inc.
Clifton Park, NY

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Adirondack Girl Scouts

Dear Susanne,

What a difference your well designed case statement made in our capital campaign! Our Board and volunteers made all of the presentations and visits asking for support for the campaign. They felt so secure at these visits since they had the case statement and accompanying materials that were so thoughtfully done, attractive and professional. I want to thank you also for listening to us and designing materials that were appropriate for us (not too glitzy or big) as they would have seemed wasteful to our donors.

I have recommended your work to others because we have been so pleased.

Kit Huggard
Executive Director
Adirondack Girl Scouts

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Personal Client Service

The Adirondack Museum Development Department

It has been a pleasure working with APROPOS Design Solutions over the past several years. Susanne’s design work has helped The Adirondack Museum unify its signage and create a newsletter template that is both easy to work with and cost effective. As a department head responsible for budget, I appreciate her cost-consciousness when bidding largeprinting projects, and I trust her judgment about the quality of different vendors’ work. The newsletter that she designed for The Adirondack Museum has received praise from our Trustees and from our members. It has allowed the museum to communicate effectively with our members and donors. I am particularly impressed with the ease of communications when we work with Susanne. In the past, working with other designers, we have had some difficulties in this regard, which caused costly delays. The key is Susanne’s ability to accurately assess project timelines, which has allowed more on-time and on-budget projects.

Although we all know that budget and cost are important, the main reason it has been a pleasure to work with Susanne is her astute design sensibility and her wonderfully creative design work. Susanne’s designs are clean, graphically attractive and commutate message well to the intended audiences. Thanks to Susanne for all the great work that she has done for The Adirondack Museum. We look forward to working with her in the near future and for years to come.

Hillarie Logan-Dechene
Director of Development
The Adirondack Museum

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The Adirondack Museum Marketing Department

I had the opportunity to work with Susanne Murtha on a number of projects during my tenure at the Adirondack Museum.  

Susanne approaches any project with enthusiasm, intelligence and experience.  She listens well and offers her considerable experience by making suggestions that will enhance the project.  On the rare occasion that we disagreed or that a suggestion could not be incorporated, Susanne graciously accepted the decision and worked within the parameters.

She is always on time and within budget and cheerful throughout the entire process. I would hire her in a minute!

Ann Carroll
former Director of Marketing at The Adirondack Museum

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Excellent Value


Planned Parenthood

When we first started talking about using a graphic designer we faced two major concerns. First, what kind of a return would we see on the money we invested in design? Second, would our donors see well-designed publications and be upset that we have spent their money on that rather than community service?

Working with Susanne Murtha has more than allayed our initial fears. Our newsletter looks better than ever and our donors have noticed. Some of them have even taken the time to compliment the newsletters appearance in personal notes to our Executive Director. 

Our donors have also responded to the newsletter with more gifts. While we do not think of the newsletter as a fundraising appeal, we do include business reply envelopes for those who might be moved to make a donation after reading it. In the past, gifts of this nature have been minimal. Now, we receive enough gifts in response to the newsletter to more than cover the costs of production.

Susanne also designed our Annual Report this year and the process couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Susanne took the time to listen to what we wanted up front and then she designed accordingly. We made hardly any changes to the very first proof. We shared the report with our donors for the first time at our Annual Meeting. I knew they liked it when I didn’t have to go around afterwards and pick up reports left behind, as I have had to do every other year.

I think the key to Susanne’s success is that she really tries to be in tune with her clients. She has learned enough about us, our mission, and the image we want to convey in our publications that her design is right on every time. If you are considering using a graphic designer, put your concerns aside and hire Susanne Murtha.”

Carrie Woodward
Director of Community Relations
Northern Adirondack Planned Parenthood

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Brigar, Inc.

Susanne Murtha of APROPOS Design Solutions and I have had a great working relationship since 1998. Susanne is an excellent custodian for your printing projects. Her clean, trouble-free files reflect a thorough understanding of the printing process. She works hard to bring to life ideas with designs that result in a cost-effective printed piece.

Todd Desorbo
Director of Manufacturing
Brigar Direct Marketing, Inc.


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