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Legible at Large Sizes

Signage and posters are often the most economical form of advertising. They are durable for months or even years, are viewed by many, and are essential for most businesses. Susanne worked ten years in the sign business and knows how to communicate your message to trade show attendees, drivers of speedy autos and even TV viewers of autoracing. (Yes, for about 6 months Susanne painted NASCAR race track signs—sometimes 20-40 feet up on a one foot wide scaffold.)

Fort Ticonderoga Display thumbnail

Fort Ticonderoga Display

Trade show display for Fort Ticonderoga.

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Graphic Artists Guild Display

Graphic Artists Guild Display

Trade show display for the Albany Chapter of the Graphic Artists Guild.

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Newburgh Autobody Sign thumbnail

Newburgh Autobody Sign

Identification sign for Newburgh Auto Body.

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Adirondack Museum poster

Poster for the Adirondack Museum

Poster to promote the exhibit, "A Paradise for Boys and Girls: Children's Camps in the Adirondacks."

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Adirondack Museum Poster thumbnail

Adirondack Museum Poster

Poster to promote the exhibits opening in 2002 at the Adirondack Museum.

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Double H Ranch Poster

Double H Ranch Poster and Certificate

Winter sports program promotion.

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3 Valleys to Freedom thumbnail

3 Valleys to Freedom

Northern Campaign poster to promote victorious battles in 1777.

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Gallery 100 Poster

Gallery 100 Poster

Poster featuring the artwork of Linda Ann Smyth, a Gallery 100 artist.

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Blooming Grove Sign thumbnail

Blooming Grove Signage

Identification sign for businesses at 91 Blooming Grove Turnpike.

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Dorothy's Sign

Dorothy's Breakfast and Lunch

Identification sign for Dorothy's.

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