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Reef Fish - Adapted from a photo by Carla Pais
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Susanne Murtha of APROPOS Design Solutions and I have had a great working relationship since 1998. Susanne is an excellent custodian for your printing projects. Her clean, trouble-free files reflect a thorough understanding of the printing process. She brings to life ideas, with designs that result in an effective printed piece for her clients.

—Todd Desorbo
Brigar Direct Marketing, Inc.


Get Your Message into the Hands of Your Customer

Printed brochures and rack cards are essential promotional tools for most businesses. Whether they are mailed individually to prospective clients, self-mailers, or displayed in a brochure rack, they can drive people to your web site to receive specific details about your organization, contact you or even make a purchase.

GE Brochure thumbnail

GE Industrial Systems

A brochure to introduce GE's series capacitors to potential clients around the world.

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Hyde Collection Brochure thumbnail

Hyde Collection

A prototype for a series of educational brochures to be used by the Hyde Collection.

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Town of Johnsburg Program

Town of Johnsburg Program

The program for the Town of Johnsburg 200th Anniversary Celebration.

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Teddy Roosevelt Celebration brochure

Teddy Roosevelt Celebration

A brochure listing the schedule for the Town of Johnsburg's Teddy Roosevelt Celebration in 1999.

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Flyfishing Brochure thumbnail

Flyfishing and Flycasting Brochure

A brochure for personal flyfishing and flycasting instruction by Tom Akstens.

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Train Rides and Gondola Rides Brochure

Train Rides and Gondola Skyrides

A brochure to promote the Upper Hudson River Railroad's train rides and Gore Mountain's gondola rides.

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Double H Ranch Brochure thumbnail

Double H Ranch General Brochure

An introductory brochure to the Double H Ranch.

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Double H Ranch Winter Brochure

Double H Ranch Winter Brochure

A brochure to promote adaptive winter sports at Double H Ranch.

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Sacred Retreat Brochure thumbnail

Sacred Retreat for the Arts

This piece promotes a retreat for artists to nurture their creative spirit.

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Life in the Woods Brochure thumbnail

Adirondack Museum's
Life in the Woods

A brochure to introduce one of the educational programs offered by the Adirondack Museum.

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ADK Firetower Challenge Brochure thumbnail

Adirondack Mountain Club's
Fire Tower Challenge

A brochure to introduce the rules for hikers to compete in the Adirondack Mountain Club's Fire Tower Challenge.

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