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We shared the report [that Susanne designed] with our donors for the first time at our Annual Meeting. I knew they liked it when I didn’t have to go around afterwards and pick up reports left behind, as I have had to do every other year.

Carrie Woodward
Northern Adirondack
Planned Parenthood


Present Information with Style

Annual reports, product catalogs and books require fine typography and graphics for optimum legibility and a pleasing and effective presentation of information.

Fort Ticonderoga Centennial Report thumbnail

Fort Ticonderoga Centennial Report

A 64 page book, Fort Ticonderoga: Centennial Countdown Report, 1996-2002.

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Adirondack Museum Annual Report thumbnail

Adirondack Museum Annual Report

The Adirondack Museum's Annual Report and bi-annual Newsletter.

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Planned Parenthood Annual Report thumbnail

Planned Parenthood Annual Report

An annual report for Adirondack Planned Parenthood in Plattsburgh, NY.

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Lean-to Studio catalog thumbnail

Lean-to Studio Product Catalog

Catalog for Lean-to Studio's extraordinary lighting.

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Adirondack Mountian Club book  thumbnail

Adirondack Mountain Club Book

Views from on High

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Adirondack Mountain Club Annual Report thumbnail

Adirondack Mountain Club Annual Report

An annual report for Adirondack Mountain Club.

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